"Exit Strategy II". Long Island Unitversity, Humanities Gallery, Brooklyn 2020
"Syncopation 2019", With Emily Berger. Odetta Gallery at First Dibs, Chelsea, New York 2019
"Exit Strategy". With Bryt, and Luppi. Project ARTspace New York, NY 2016
"Seng, Franca, Gargiulo", Fred Valentine Gallery,  Ridgewood,  Queens.  2012
“Knock-Knock”. India Street Mural Project.   NbPac, Brooklyn 2009
“Exit Window”.  Storefront window installation, Art in General, New York, 2003-2004

"Among Friends 2019", Clememte Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York 2019
"Greatest Show on Earth", Sideshow NationVI, Brooklyn, NY 2018
"Among Friends 2018", Dumbo Open Studio Satelite Exhibit, New York 2018
"Talking Pictures 1st Invitational". Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn 2017
"Bushwick Tales". Venus Knitting Art Space. Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 2016
"Seeking Space": Making the Future". David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Bushwick, NY 2016
"Black and White, and Re(a)d All Over: Part II". Art Helix, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY 2016
"NOMENCoLorATURE". [Simposio]. Centotto at Studio 10.  Bushwick, Brooklyn 2016
"Holiday Salon".  Lesley Heller Workspace. New York, NY 2015
"Checkered History. The Grid in Art and Life".  Outpost Gallery, Queens NY 2015
"Last GREXIT to Brooklyn". [Simposio]. Centotto, Bushwick, Brooklyn NY 2015
"Thrice Legendary, or Forever Thens". Centotto, Bushwick, Brooklyn NY 2015
"eyewash REDUX" at Firework Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 2015
"BRURAL: Skin of Liberty, Fractured & re-Structured". Brooklyn Fireproof. Brooklyn NY 2015
"Back in Situ, or Turns". Centotto, Bushwick, Brooklyn NY 2014-2015
"Pierogi XX: 20th Anniversary Exhibition at Pierogi", Pierogi Gallery,  Brooklyn NY 2014
"Clouds". Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, NY 2013-2014
"By-Productions, or Asides". Centotto, Bushwick, NY 2013
"Unhinged". Pierogi Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY 2013
"Critical Condition".  Jim Kempner Gallery,  New York, NY 2013
"3rd Painting International Biennial,  Guayaquil, Eduador.  2012.  Purchase Award
“Flag Day”. Islip Art Museum,  Islip, NY  2011
“Twin Twin III, Artists Edit.”.Big & Small Casual Gallery, Long Island City NY 2009
“Artists Of Artech”.  Wright Exhibition Space, Seattle,  2009
“Upper Body”.  Schroeder Romero, Brooklyn 2002
“Making the Making”. Apex Art, C.P., NY.  2001
“War: Artists’ Bulletin Board”.  Postmasters, NY 1999
“Lost Hills” Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY.  Fence installation, 1998-99
“Pasture”.  Sculpture Center at Long Island University, Brooklyn 1997
“Sundown Sit-in.”.  P.S. 1 Clocktower, NY 1996
“Projects”.  Carriage House , Islip Art Museum, East Islip, NY 1996
“Way Cool”.  Exit Art/ The First World,  NY 1995, 42nd Street Art Project. Creative Time, New York 1994




"Row". Sound installation on site of Brooklyn Navy Yard Cemetery. Curated by Brooklyn Greenway Initiative.  Brooklyn, NY 2019
"Jib Net"  Jib shaped net installed inside Christ Church, as part of Divine Intervention, curated by Teri Hackett. Sag Harbor, NY 2019
"Swell". Light Installation for Island Universe,curated by Project 59. Governor's Island, NY 2018
"Fat City". Lighting installation with site-rendered fuels.  Room, Brooklyn 2017
"Jello Brick Window". Jello and mortar window installation. Outpost Gallery Queens, NY 2015
"Weathervane".  Light and projection installation. Weathervane Gallery,  Brooklyn, NY 2015
"BRURAL: Skin of Liberty, Fractured & re-Structured". Brooklyn Fireproof, NY  2015
"Tree Roast/Snow Dome". Light installation, Georgetown Glow. Washington DC 2014
"7 Blades". Light installation. Art 101, Brooklyn  NY 2014
"In light, Richmond".  Light installation.   1708 Gallery,  Richmond, VA
"Bruise" Jello brick and mortar wall.  Next 50 Exhibition. Seattle, WA 2012
"By the Board", Facade lighting animation. "Williamsburg 2000" Show.  Brooklyn, 2011
"Calendar" , Storefront lighting animation,  Gridspace,  Brooklyn, NY  2010-2011
"Two by Sea", HarborArts commission for Boston Harbor Shipyard, Boston,MA 2010
"Blue in the Face"Lighting animation, Incident Report Viewing Station,Hudson NY 2010-11
"Weather Channel" Islip Art Museum. Islip NY 2009
“Nimbuslingus“. 1305 Position, Austin, TX 2009
“Skull Theater“ Lighting/sound installation. Long Island Univ,  Brooklyn, NY 2008
“Tongue Tied“.Eyewash Artwalking, Brooklyn 2008
“Rudolph’s Rack“. Lighting installation,Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn 2006-2007
“FLU_RY”.  Fireplace installation, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY  2006-2007
“Double Vent“. Eyewash Projects, Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY  2006
“Whopper”.  Spouting whale installation in East River, DUMBO Fest, Brooklyn 2005
“Nimbus”.  Cloud installation, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY 2005
“Dust Bustier”.  Storefront banner installation, DUST, Las Vegas 2005
“Float”.  Flatbed truck installation, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore 2004
“Two Pools”.  Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY 2003
“Jello Brick Wall”.  Reconstruction Biennial, Exit Art, NY 2003
“Further”.  Engineering Building, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 2002
“Green Screen”.  Water installation, Rockland Center for the Arts, Nyack, NY 2002
“Double Hung”.  Neuberger Museum Biennial of Public Art, SUNY Purchase 2001  
“Fluorence”.  Light installation, Florence Lynch Gallery, NY 1999
“Whoopie Kiosk”.  Water installation, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh  1999
“EXIT EXIT”.  Door installation, Flipside, Brooklyn 1999
“Gro Lux”.  Light installation, Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY 1999
“Goodnight Moon”.  Cabinet installation, Eyewash, Brooklyn 1998
“Snow Job”. Three-part holiday installation, P.S.1/Clocktower, NY 1996


MFA/Painting.  Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA 1980
BFA/Painting.  University of Washington, Seattle, WA 1973                       

New York Foundation for the Arts.  Architecture fellowship, 2006
New York Foundation for the Arts.  Architecture fellowship, 2000-2001